Dual Filter

Dual Filter

The Neodymium Dual Filter Assembly is comprised of a primary Rare Earth Magnet which collects all ferrous materials in the heating system. The Rare Earth Magnet has become extremely popular in almost all technology applications, as they are extremely strong for their small size and resistant to heat. If you have a dirty boiler system you will be very impressed with the results!

This design was first realized by Trung Tran, one of the most innovative senior building operators in Calgary, who wanted to eliminate numerous service calls on pump seals. He started looking for the optimal way to eliminate ferrous particles from a system in one of the buildings he managed. The water in his system went from black to crystal clear within weeks of installing the Neodymium Magnets.

Trung was gracious enough to allow Caon Services Inc. to use his design as part of our dual system. Greg Plowright, an account manager at Caon, adapted the side to incorporate a secondary filter to collect non-ferrous particles as well, with fantastic results.

Dual Filter

Magnet Design

Most of today’s pumps contain magnets in the rotor where ferrous particles can collect causing potential problems with the pumps performance. The secondary post filter consists of a very fine cotton filter that removes larger ferrous and non-ferrous materials larger than 10 Microns which is standard in hydronic heating systems.

Dual Filter

Installed Side Stream Filter Assembly

It’s a good idea to keep any hydronic system clean for a number of reasons

  • less erosion and corrosion
  • better heat transfer
  • fewer problems with things like mechanical seals, etc.
  • Iron oxide particles that can cause problems

One of the easiest ways to get your systems clean and keep them clean is to use a side stream filter assembly. A portion of the system flow is diverted through the filter assembly constantly collecting particulates for the hydronic heating system.

Built in site glass, shows exact flow rates through the filter assembly allowing the operator a visual indication of when the filter system requires maintenance.

  • Double O-ring on filter housing for reliable leak free cartridge replacements is very important to ensure less hassle
  • Extremely Powerful Rare Earth bar Magnet attracts all ferrous particles passing by the magnet
  • Ball valve drain with hose connection and cap ensures safe fluid handling
  • Comes with standard DOE 10 micron cotton wound filter cartridge (other sizes available based on application filters available)

Get rid of ferrous impurities and ultra clean your system by installing a Neodymium Dual Stream Filer in your system. Contact Caon Services Inc. today to discuss your system and the requirements, call or email.



Advanced VFD Booster Pump

Advanced VFD Booster Pump

Caon Services Inc. recently installed an advanced VFD booster pump package at a high rise in downtown Calgary. The property managers had installed new hands free fixtures, and the outdated booster pumps would not maintain the proper pressure.

Caon teamed up with our partners at James Electrics, who supplied the Grundfos advanced VFD booster pump needed to fix the pressure in the high rise. These pumps are highly efficient variable speed drives, which ensure the exact pressure is maintained in the building at all the plumbing fixtures.

Greg, Carson and Tim from Caon, worked after hours to ensure service was not interrupted, and the project went off without a hitch. Now the building tenants can use the new hand free fixtures without worrying about pressure.

If you have, or are looking into, installing new fixtures it’s always a good idea to ensure your existing pumps will provide adequate pressure. Give Caon Services Inc. a call today and discuss what may be required for your building today.

Air Filter for HVAC

Air Filters for HVAC

Is your low cost air filter for HVAC system costing you money? You might be surprised to know how much money is lost by not having the right air filter in your HVAC system. In an average commercial building 50% of the energy bill is the HVAC system, and 30% of that is related to the air filter.

Having the right air filter can lower the total cost of ownership by almost 30%, and a Camfil filter is a great choice. Watch this video to learn all about this product and how a great filter can help your company save money today.

Contact Caon today at 403-279-6641 or email to discuss filter needs for your company.

Airius Fans

Airius Fans

Airius fans are specifically designed to save you money and increase comfort. The fans continuously and gently mix the air, balancing temperatures (destratification) from ceiling to floor and wall to wall which helps the HVAC system maintain the desired temperature. Learn more at Airbus Fans website by clicking here

Contact Caon today if you feel this product would be a fit for your business

HVAC Upgrade

HVAC Upgrade

HVAC Upgrade

Caon Plumbing and Heating recently completed an upgrade to an HVAC upgrade (Heaving, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system at the Glencoe Club in their office and lounge areas. The replacement of their old HVAC will increase their overall efficiency by 30%!

If your company would like to look at increasing the efficiency of your HVAC unit before the next heat wave contact Caon today!


HVAC Upgrade HVAC Upgrade