Start-Up AND Commissioning

Boilers, Controls and Power Burners

Caon Services employs boiler specialists that are certified on various boilers, controls systems and power burners. It is important to have trained experienced technicians during start up and commissioning of your boilers and equipment. Advancements in boiler technology have made it a necessity to have the start up of your boilers commissioned by an experienced technician.

What’s involved with commissioning a boiler system?

1. Cleaning and flushing the boiler system

The purpose of cleaning and flushing is to protect against contamination, hot water central heating systems by removing harmful flux residues and installation debris, which can cause corrosion.

Cleaning existing systems removes black sludge (iron oxide) and lime scale which improves circulation and reduces fuel wastage, ensures seals within circulating pump do not fail prematurely as well as boiler noise.

2. Removing Air from the boiler system

After installing the new boiler system it is important to ensure all air is removed from the system. Air left in a boiler system can cause a lot of problems, such as noises in piping, low flows, corrosion, uneven heat patterns, damage to boilers, pumps. This is why it is important for all boiler systems to be properly purged before the system is placed into operation.

3. Chemical Treatment

The primary function of a boiler chemical water treatment program is to keep heat transfer surfaces free from scale and deposition. The second requirement is corrosion inhibition.
Corrosion generally occurs because of excessive levels of dissolved oxygen. Deposits and corrosion can lead to costly repairs of boiler heat exchangers and pumps. Boilers with aluminum heat exchangers for example are very susceptible to damages caused by improper Ph levels.

Boiler systems require effective chemical treatment, accurate monitoring and control. Caon Services uses third party labs to develop chemical treatment schedules tailored to your systems requirements.

4. Safety devices

It is very important for the safety of the occupants that all safety devices are checked before and routinely while in commission to ensure they are functioning properly. Boiler systems employ of number of safety devices including flow switches, low water cut offs, relief valves, and temperature limit switches.

5. Combustion Analysis and gas pressure adjustments

To ensure equipment is operating within manufacturer’s guidelines and at optimal efficiency. Today’s boiler requires the proper mixture of air and gas to operate in a safe and efficient manner. By completing a combustion analysis we are adjusting this mixture to ensure to the proper levels of Co2, O2 are present in the combustion process. Many manufacturers require a combustion analysis to be completed, and the results submitted to the manufacturer for warranty purposes.

Tip ! Regular combustion analysis is important to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your heating equipment. Appliances that have improper combustion produce deadly carbon monoxide & soot. Please consult your user’s manual for the suggested maintenance routine.

  • Average Combustion efficiently for different appliances
  • Process Typical Combustion Efficiency Range
  • Home Fireplace 10-30%
  • Space heater 50-82%
  • Conventional Hot water tank 40-55%
  • Low Efficiency boiler 70-82%
  • Medium Efficiency boiler 74-85%
  • High Efficiency boiler 85-93%

6. Ensuring proper flow rates

When designers design boiler systems they take into consideration the flow rates and head pressure required for each individual pump within the system. Designers want to ensure the flow rates though the boilers and the zones deliver the perfect amount of heat transfer without damaging any of the boilers components. It is essential to ensure that flow rates are adjusted to match the initial design criteria and recorded as a bench mark.




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