World Plumbing Day

Today, March 11, is World Plumbing Day, this is an international event to recognize the important role plumbing plays in society.

Every time you grab a glass of water, have a shower or flush a toilet, it is possible thanks to innovations in plumbing.

We send out a very special thank you to all the Plumbers at Caon Services who work hard each and every day making sure your plumbing needs are met. Thank you Caon Plumbers!

Many people in developed countries throughout the world take plumbing for granted. We simply turn on a tap and get clean water. Flushing toilets are standard in many countries.

Little thought is given to the engineering expertise provided by plumbers ensuring these systems operate as intended. Just as equally, few people appreciate the consequences of bad plumbing.

In developing countries, on the other hand, plumbing is either nonexistent or at best very basic. People suffer serious health consequences, and millions of people die because of lack of access to clean water and ineffective sanitation.

Quick Facts:

  • 263 Million people spend over 30 minutes to get safe drinking water
  • 1 Billion, or 3 in 10, lack access to safe, readily available water in their home
  • 900 Million School Children have no wand washing facilities to prevent the spread of disease
  • 1 in 5 Schools do not have any toilet facilities

Today we recognize the people who have made our standard of living possible. Remember that without a qualified plumber your ability to run a tap or flush a toilet in your home or office wouldn’t be possible.

There are a few quick things you can do on March 11 and every day:

  • Keep your shower to 4 minutes
  • Fill up the dishwasher fully before running
  • Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to tidy outside

Watch this video from the WPC Chairman

Read this PDF to learn some more facts about World Plumbing Day.

Like and follow the World Plumbing social media accounts to help get awareness out:

Facebook: @worldplumbingcouncil

Twitter: @WPlumbingDay

LinkedIn: World Plumbing Council

Instagram: @worldplumbingcouncil




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