Caon Services Inc. recently installed an advanced VFD booster pump package at a high rise in downtown Calgary. The property managers had installed new hands free fixtures, and the outdated booster pumps would not maintain the proper pressure.

Caon teamed up with our partners at James Electrics, who supplied the Grundfos advanced VFD booster pump needed to fix the pressure in the high rise. These pumps are highly efficient variable speed drives, which ensure the exact pressure is maintained in the building at all the plumbing fixtures.

Greg, Carson and Tim from Caon, worked after hours to ensure service was not interrupted, and the project went off without a hitch. Now the building tenants can use the new hand free fixtures without worrying about pressure.

If you have, or are looking into, installing new fixtures it’s always a good idea to ensure your existing pumps will provide adequate pressure. Give Caon Services Inc. a call today and discuss what may be required for your building today.