MagnaTherm Boiler

The latest product developed by LAARS Heating Systems Company named the MagnaTherm was installed a month ago by Caon Services in a 25 story building in Calgary, Alberta. Below is some exciting information showcasing this new product.

The MagnaTherm is a large commercial high efficiency boiler which comes in six different sizes from 1.6-4 million BTU. Every commercial heating system is unique and as such requires a boiler that can respond to system fluctuations, while maintaining the energy conservation standards held by today’s building owners.

Such a boiler now exists in the innovative Laars MagnaTherm. On board every boiler is MagnaTherm’s unique VARI-PRIMETM control that allows building owners to save thousands of dollars over the life of the boiler due to dramatically reduced energy costs versus a typical on/off pump arrangement. Only the Laars MagnaTherm includes the VARI-PRIMETM control that balances combustion, air flow and water flow on every boiler!

The small footprint, slim vertical design and removable top section help it to fit into tight mechanical rooms. Its optional electrical packages allow for easy pairing with various field supply voltages. The large easy-to-navigate color touch screen display results in quick setup and diagnostics and allows up to 8 MagnaTherm’s to be controlled in a cascading boiler bank.

The MagnaTherm Advantage

  • VARI-PRIME™ boiler pump flow control for optimized installed efficiency
  • AHRI certified 95% efficient condensing operation
  • Fully modulating 5:1 Turndown
  • Stainless Steel, gasket-less heat exchanger
  • Multiple voltage options to easily match building service
  • A large, easy-to-navigate color touch screen display
  • Less than 10ppm NOX emissions
  • Small, lightweight vertical design
  • Knock down feature for tight retrofit jobs
  • Designed and Made in the USA!

To learn more about the MagnaTherm watch these videos from Laars;

If you believe your company could benefit from the MagnaTherm contact Caon Services today via e-mail or call 403-279-6641.

Mascot II Boiler & Water Heater

Homeowners, apartment building owners and contractors that are interested in the latest high efficiency space and water heating technology should check this video out. We overview the Newporter installation of the Mascot II combination boiler and water heater. It can be applied easily for home heating or in larger complexes. Watch to learn more!

This is just one of many products that Caon Plumbing and Heating carries. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!

Domestic Boiler Replacement

Domestic Boiler Replacement

Caon Services Inc. recently completed a domestic boiler replacement at Pine ridge Apartments. These LAARS Mighty Therm2 boilers are mid-efficiency boilers operating at 84% efficient. The new line of fan-assisted, modular boilers from LAARS ranks among the industry’s most versatile and environmentally friendly boilers for hot water applications.

These boiler systems are close to 20% more energy efficient compared to conventional hot water tanks, and lends to an  increase in the life expectancy of the system.  Mighty Therm2 can cut fuel costs significantly compared to conventional water heating systems, and the savings can amount to thousands of dollars over the life of the equipment.

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domestic boiler replacement
domestic boiler replacement

Mascot LX Heater

If you are in need of a new boiler or water heater, why not check out the Mascot LX from Larrs. This Energy Star Certified unit, it a wall hung combination unit that will heat any size home.

The Mascot LX is the only 95%+ efficient boiler and water heater that has an American designed and manufactured heat exchanger. It is available in 7 different sizes from 50 MBH up to 220 MBH and comes with an industry leading 15 year heat exchanger and 2 years parts and labor warranty.

Check out this short product video to learn more. Contact Caon Today and see what this product can do for your needs.

Brentview Towers

Caon recently completed a domestic boiler replacement at Brentview Towers. These Neotherm LAARS boilers are high efficiency boilers operating at close to 90% efficient. The pumps are Gundfos Magna3 VFD drive pumps which are close to 80% more efficient then standard pumps.

Neotherm-LAARS   Neotherm-LAARS-2 Neotherm-LAARS-3