At Caon Services Inc. believe in the ACM model of training which follows the below principles

  • Attitudes we develop positive attitudes in our employees through mentorship and coaching.
  • We train our employees to ensure they have the right skills and capabilities to do his or her job. Through training courses on new technologies we ensure our employees are being exposed to the latest advancements in the industry.
  • We are dedicated to developing and training successful mindsets in all of our employee’s. We encourage our employees too constantly learn and grow as individuals.

We ensure that all our apprentices are enrolled in Apprenticeship Training Programs and that they are punctual at attending their yearly trade schooling.

Most of the new employees recruited into our company (supporting our strategically planned growth), is through word of mouth, mostly from our own people. This is a sign that our people believe that our culture is such that they will recommend others join our great team.

We have a dedicated Field Trainer / Coordinator that handles on the job training as well as custom training classes for all of our field staff. We adhere to the belief that our people are the most important part of our business, if we develop our people through training and leadership we are investing in the long term success of our business.

Caon Services Inc. provides ongoing training in the following areas:

SAIT Apprenticeship

Medical Gas Piping Systems

Boiler Systems

Plumbing Systems

Back flow Prevention

HVAC Systems


Online Programs

Specialty Tools and Equipment