Safety First

- No jogging pants allowed

- No runners allowed

- CSA approved Steel toed boots with no holes shall be worn

- No ripped or torn clothing allowed, power equipment can catch the torn area and Serious injury could occur

- Clean shaven


Upon being hired, the service department is given a total of three (3) shirts and [1] Caon hat. The shirts consist of either button up long sleeve shirts or polo shirts. Also at this time they will be issued a voucher for 2 pairs of black carhart pants, after every six months a voucher for 1 pair can be requested. These are the responsibility of the owner for cleaning. If said person is to leave Caon before his probationary period is completed the cost of the pants will be deducted from the final pay cheque.

For more detailed information on the clothing policy see your policies and procedure manual.

Remember you are not only representing Caon, you are representing yourself and your profession