Environmental Stewardship

Since our beginning, Caon Services has been committed to the environment by implementing procedures within our organization to reduce our carbon footprint such as the recycling of construction materials, the reclaiming of all refrigerants, and the implementation of GPS on all of our fleet vehicles.

We extend our environmental philosophy into our preventive maintenance programs through procedures that increase equipment efficiency while decreasing energy usage.

Ensuring that equipment and components are operating at their maximum performance ensures we are doing your part to invest in a cleaner future.

  • EnvironmentalCombustion analysis and gas pressure testing to ensure optimal operating of gas fired equipment.
  • Alignment of belts and pulleys
  • Amperage testing of pumps and blowers
  • WHMIS training of all employees
  • Reclaiming of all Refrigerants
  • Recycling of NonEnvironmentally friendly consumables such as Glycol
  • Fleet of 34 GPS equipped means we take the shortest routes to our customers site reducing our carbon footprint
  • Paperless work orders and quotations
  • Committed to the LEED Standard building process
  • Blue box recycling throughout the office
  • Promotion of water saving fixtures


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